DNS Blacklists categorized as Ads instead of Malware


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I've added some additional website to my DNS Blocklist (For example: https://blocklistproject.github.io/Lists/alt-version/malware-nl.txt and https://blocklistproject.github.io/Lists/alt-version/ransomware-nl.txt ). They seem to work well, but anything they block gets categorized as Ads and not Malware, which makes it difficult to find when they're actually blocking something. For example, malware.wicar.org properly routes to but doesn't increment the Malware counter, and just drowns in the sea of Ad blocks so I can't really find who triggered it.

IS there a way to get these counted as Malware instead of Ads? Ideally I would like to easily see who's triggering Malware blocks so I know what systems to go digging into.