DNS causing problems


Beta Tester

I noticed that for some apps, setting a custom DNS in AdGuard seems to be problematic.
I disabled local DNS filtering (black hole) and I was just using Cloudflare DNS, so there is no DNS filtering involved.
I noticed problems with the following two apps:

- DriveNow Car Sharing (it takes ages for it to show you the available cars when DNS is enabled in AdGuard)
- Outlook (I got push notification about new mail, but Outlook was unable to show it in my inbox. Even after manual refresh it was not showing the new email. After disabling DNS in AdGuard, the mail showed up after next manual refresh)

So this is kind of strange, because Cloudflare does no filtering and I disabled the local DNS black hole filtering.
It looks like just the mechanism alone of AdGuard re-routing DNS requests seems to cause problems. Do you have any idea why?

(Or is it due to some really stupid stuff like Microsoft or DriveNow servers failing some DNSSEC verification of Cloudflare?)


New Member
Yep, same issue here. Enabling DNS redirect (no filtering) effectively blocks wifi when configured as a VPN. Works fine in proxy mode. Log shows unusually long DNS resolution times (10+ sec) but no explicit errors. Likely due to some device/ROM weirdness. It did work in AdGuard builds prior to v3.1.0 (1.3.347cl). I have cleared local caches and reconfigured AdGuard to no avail. I have not officially reported the problem as I have experienced the approach used by tech support: wear you down by requesting everything (I value my left n#t) then deny the problem exists. Simply not worth the effort/aggravation.