DNS feature have conflic with many VPN apps


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As stated in the title since you released the DNS feature all my VPN apps have issues to connect or disconnect, sometimes I lose entirely connection to internet after disconnecting from VPN.
As a temporary solution I disable the DNS feature for a few secs while changing the status of the VPN connection


Adguard verison: 7.6.1
SO: WIndows 10 20H2 x64


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I will add my voice to this although I do not think there is a middle ground here. I am assuming your VPN as well as mine is enforcing its DNS settings while Adguard is doing the same which cases the long connection times as well as disconnections while using the VPN.

Only way around it if a function is developed to allow VPN applications whitelisted by the user to overwrite the settings while connected to the VPN and for Adguard to continue with its configuration when the VPN is disconnected. I am not sure how feasible that is to implement but for the time being, turning DNS security OFF before connecting to the VPN solves everything and you can turn it back on.


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I have the same issue.
We use a corporate VPN for remote work in my Company and if I leave the DNS protection on, the VPN cannot establish connection.
So far the only solution is to temporarily turn off the DNS protection manually and connect to the VPN to do my work.
Some kind of ruleset for VPN connections as @Bantalono121 suggested above would be a nice solution.