DNS filter blocks Facetime calls on iOS 15


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With the DNS protection module on, some very weird behaviour happens: I can’t receive or make FaceTime calls. When I try to make them, it just rings forever and the other party doesn’t get the call. When receive them, the call drops immediately after I accept it.

I’m using the DNS protection with DNS implementation set to AdGuard DNS server set to Cloudflare (DNS-over-HTTPS) and two DNS filters, one from AdGuard and another custom one.

This weird behaviour happens even with the two DNS filters disabled. Once I totally disable the DNS protection module, I can make and receive FaceTime calls again. No other phone functions seem to be affected except FaceTime.

I have been using AdGuard since iOS 12 and didn’t have this problem until upgrading to iOS 15 a couple of weeks ago.

Anyone facing the same problem?


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The same thing happens to me, but with email applications, using a Microsoft 365 account. Using Adguard DNS the email list is not updated, but if I deactivate it, it does.