DNS filtering on device


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Hi. I know that Adguard can block ad on device system-wide via this DNS filter: https://adguardteam.github.io/AdGuardSDNSFilter/Filters/filter.txt
It works in all apps and extensions (iOS, Mac, Safari). As I understand Adguard basically matches the domain of any request with that list before querying the DNS server. If the domain is in the list it blocks the request even before it goes to the DNS server. Everything works well for me.

I wonder, why that filter supports only domains? Wouldn't it be better to use the full URL instead? It would allow blocking IP addresses as well. It would also enable more fine-grained control: don't block the whole domain (CDN e.g.) but block just a particular path on that domain.

What do you guys think?


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That is not how DNS works (DNS filter is used by our DNS servers). It translates names to specific IP addresses.

If you want to block full urls you have to use a specific filter, e.g. Base filter.


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It's true that DNS filters are used on AdGuard DNS servers. But they are also used on device in all AdGuard products (iOS app, macOS app, Safari/Chrome browser extensions) as I described. Please see those AdGuard articles for confirmation:

So my question is, why AdGuard still uses the same DNS filter on device and not a full URL filter? Thanks!