DNS filtering stops working after a period of time


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Running AdGuard Pro (the latest beta version on TestFlight) on iPadOS 16 Public Beta 6. DNS filtering works for a while in split tunnel mode, but after a period of time (usually inactivity) DNS filtering stops working. To resolve this, I need to switch back to Full tunnel mode AND reboot my iPad. Any ideas why this is happening?


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In this case, we need some detailed logs to troubleshoot your problem. Could you please record them for us and send to support@adguard.com? Please attach the link to this thread in your email.

  1. In AdGuard head to SettingsGeneral
  2. Enable Advanced mode and go to Advanced settings
  3. Enable Debug logs
  4. Reproduce the issue and remember the time when it happened
  5. Head back to SettingsSupportExport logs, send them our way and tell the time the issue happened
  6. Set the logging level back to Default