DNS Is Leaking!


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I’m using AdGuard Pro with ProtonVPN. I have AdGuard’s DNS set to System Default and AdGuard’s VPN set to Split-Tunnel.

When I run a leak test, it will only show ProtonVPN’s DNS being used, but after a short while it will also show my cellular provider’s DNS servers. So AdGuard is causing a DNS leak.

Is there a fix for this?

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Can you send us the log files so we can check what's wrong?

AdGuard - Report an issue - Contact Support. Don't forget to describe your issue and paste the link of your post from the forum.


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This is definitely and issue, I saw the same leakage problem. Note that the regular internet traffic does correctly travel through the VPN tunnel (external IP address appears as that of VPN server), however an extended DNSleaktest reveals DNS gets resolved outside the VPN tunnel while using the AdGuard DNS profile with split mode enabled. So it’s somehow using both VPN profiles simultaneously.

Edit: I’m using the IPsec IKV1 protocol with a different VPN provider, so clearly this is a widespread problem with all VPN services.

Edit: when are you including the option for encrypted Cloudflare DNS via DoT or DoH???