DNS nameserver IPs


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Dear AdGuard Forum,

I just bought the paid version of AdGuard for iOS and I am trying to understand the concept of ad blocking/privacy etc.
Ok, there is the idea of a "fake" VPN and the selection of DNS servers that will block ads, trackers even before they are sent to my phone.

What I really don't understand are the specific IP addresses of the selected DNS sever (e.g. "AdGuard Default"). Whatever I select in AdGuard, the App "Net Analyzer" always shows me the IP: as my DNS server. This one is located somewhere in Malaysia?!?
And when I select the encrypted AdGuard DNS server, it switches to

I know for example that Quad 9 DNS is:, but also here I always get the or google-DNS should give me, but no, I always get the 121.... address when google DNS is selected

Is this the correct behavior of AdGuard? If yes, could you shine some light on me to better understand.....

Thanks for help and yes, the software works great and blocks 99% of the ads on all my websites!

Wolfjang :)


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First of all, this is by design. We chose to display these addresses on purpose. To see the real ones you'll need to use dnsleak. I can try to explain why, if you want me to, but I am not sure I 100% understand the dev's explanation myself -- its very technical.