DNS Resolution Exceptions often Occur after Hibernation


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Hi. After my computer
  1. hibernation overnight,
  2. changes another routing device connection or
  3. does not use computer for a long time,
often can appear DNS can not be resolved error.
At that point, web access through the browser will not be successful, except for instant chat tools that do not require DNS.
This error can only be resolved by restarting the computer or exiting the AdGuard service altogether.

I am a school student who access the network through the campus network authentication providing by my school. During the above exceptions occur, the authentication service will also be difficult.

This has seriously affected my life, request and appreciate some technical support.


Staff member

We'd like to do the following:

First, update your AdGuard app to 7.11. (or simply download this: http://agrd.io/windows)
Second, record logs and send us via email: support@adguard.com.

Instructions on how to record logs:
  1. Find AdGuard icon on the task bar (bottom right corner)
  2. Right-click on it and select AdvancedLogginglevelDebug
  3. Reproduce the issue and remember the time when it happened
  4. Head back to AdvancedExport logs and system info
  5. Save an archive, send it to us and tell the time the problem happened
  6. Set the logging level back to Default