DNS settings permanently changed [now Internet not working]


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Got a serious problem using this app [adguard 2.9 rc]

Installed this app yesterday after using it for 20 minutes or more

My internet is completely gone as may be the app have set the DNS server to local one permanently or something else

I don't know exactly but whenever trying to access any site always get an error

"DNS Probe Finish" DNS error Bad Config"

help me doing it right as it was
currently using VPN to access the internet

as I don't want to reset my device


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@naresh121 hello! sorry for the inconvenience!

Do you use chrome browser?
What change if Adguard is disabled?


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it was not working anywhere

but now working fine after 4-5 reboots don't know how :?

and yes I use chrome browser
and disbling/enabling adguard wasn't changing anything
it was same "Bad DNS Config Error"