DNS w/ ipv6-only cellular network?

Sean Murray

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My cellular network is t-mobile, which is apparently an ipv6 only network. When I go into the DNS settings of AdGuard, I'm greeted with the message telling me that custom DNS servers cant be used. Does this mean that enabling the DNS setting should be doing nothing at all? This doesn't seem to be the case because enabling it allows me to connect to a WebDAV server that doesn't support ipv6 connections. I typically can't connect to this server via a cellular connection. Just trying to figure out precisely what turning this setting on is accomplishing.


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I am a T-mobile user also IPv4 DNS servers work but wicked slow, on the other hand, IPv6 servers work exceptionally well!
here are the servers
Default + safe search
use IPv6 addresses for LTE connection.

In my case though IPV6 DNS doesn't work on my wifi because my ISP doesn't support it yet. So I am jumping between IPv4 & IPv6 servers.
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