Dj Dany

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1.Adguard "default" DNS block http://s11.flagcounter.com/ you can unblock ?
2.What can you say about the payment DNS, we read that you work like this or not?
"We use AdGuard DNS functionality as a part of other AdGuard software, most of which are distributed on a pay-to-use basis. We might also develop a paid version of AdGuard DNS based on the current one, more advanced and with more features. "

Boo Berry

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The AdGuard DNS itself is free to use. AdGuard Home is also free (and open-source!).

AdGuard for Android implemented DNS filtering features, which is a paid app. AdGuard for Windows (and AdGuard for Mac) haven't gained the DNS filtering features yet but it's on the to-do list.


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flagcounter.com - is blocked by the SDNF filter because it is a counter/tracker.


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is there any way to add an exception in the DNS if you need it unblocked? (btw another site that gets blocked is revolvermaps.com)