DNSCrypt for iOS as a PRO add-on for AdGuard?

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    Jan 1, 2017
    Personally, I like the idea of DNS servers for filtering ads. I use Cisco Umbrella and their servers are superior, they block lots of junk on our networks, but they don't block ads. I like AdGuards DNS servers and they work well one but though, they are located in Russia, Moscow I get 154 ms to 300ms ping and I am from NY. It would be nice to have servers on the territory of US! Another downside you can't configure DNS for mobile wireless 3G-4G or LTE.

    So I propose building in support for DNSCrypt for iOS in your app! At the moment it's only possible to run on jailbroken device. I have tried it and it works well. The good thing it works on Wi-FI and on the mobile wireless network and it's very fast!

    DNS-Crypt states that "The DNSCrypt source code can also be compiled out of the box for iOS devices, using the provided [dist-build/ios.sh] script.

    With the introduction of the Network Extension Framework in iOS 9, it may be possible to write a DNSCrypt client app that would run everywhere, without requiring a jailbroken device."

    I think it's worth looking in to now that iOS 11 is soon to be out.

    Apple introduced a new API in iOS 11 to make this possible without a jailbreak. Unfortunately, nobody has written an app to use this API yet, but I hope this can change soon?
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    DNScrypt is a necessity for our privacy and security. Whomever is the pioneer to release a standalone iOS App at no charge in the true spirit of open source will be remembered by multiple communities whose work revolves around such issues. Offhand I'm able to count 6 such communities / projects with whom I'm currently active. I know with certainty that one such major project would proudly display the name(s) of the person(s) who had the vision to release such a groundbreaking application. I also know that the name(s) will be posted in other projects such as the Adguard project (if they don't release DNSCrypt as integrated within Adguard before any single app is released, that is) & the DNSCrypt project itself. One's name immortalized in such a way is far more valuable than any fleeting profit made from DNSCrypt's *freely available code*.
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    I'm assuming without the VPN-based system-wide blocking (which is going away) integrating DNSCrypt in Adguard just for things blocked by the Safari content blocker probably isn't worth it. Not sure if it'd help with Adguard's DNS or not (probably not, I'm assuming).
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    I completely support the idea, really.

    DNSCrypt support comes to Android version pretty soon, and it **may** come to iOS also. We'll try to keep custom DNS feature in the next AG Pro build, and if it passes review, we will further improve it and add DNSCrypt support as well.
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    I'm more than certain that the total brainpower behind AdguardPro can do what needs to be done in order to pass iOS review and once that's taken care of, integrate DNSCrypt functionality. I see how much work is put into improving beta releases, and hence 'stable' releases & how responsive the team is user requests (i.e. user ideas that are of use to Adguard(Pro) & can be integrated into Adguard(Pro), may be seen in a future release). This dramatically improves *positive* & *helpful* user participation @ https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardForiOS & fuels the project in a sustainable fashion. I've seen too many dead projects on GitHub & I'm guessing most died due to the disinterest of the dev(s) involved in not only the projects themselves but also a lack of regard displayed to projects users. I simply am unable to see that happen to Adguard due to the model used.
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    Jan 30, 2015
    I find this (below) as well as no contacts means for DNSCrypt, or even a forum devoted to it.
    (Alternatively, companies, organizations and individuals are running public DNS resolvers supporting the DNSCrypt protocol. These can be used as an alternative to running a DNSCrypt server and a DNS resolver on the router. For maximum protection, DNSCrypt client can run on every client device. Or if you totally trust the local network, the DNSCrypt client can run on the router instead. Finally, you can run your own DNSCrypt server on a remote, trusted network, to get full control over what the resolver is doing and logging.)
    Please note that DNSCrypt is not a replacement for a VPN, as it only authenticates DNS traffic, and doesn't prevent third-party DNS resolvers from logging your activity.

    Would you want to work everyday of the week and have no pay at it's end to pay your bills?

    I think these things are also worth considering equality.

    With the introduction of the Network Extension Framework in iOS 9, it may be possible to write a DNSCrypt client app that would run everywhere, without requiring a jailbroken device.
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