Does AdGuard evidence show basic Apply tracks less than Android?


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On Android phones, Google Mobile Services (GMS), included in Google Play Services, always run in the background and some of the services include location tracking. If you disable it, Google Apps will stop working. There is custom MicroG that reduces the use of GMS, but many of the same trackers are forced to run in the background if you want functionality. On top of that, even with systemless Magisk, MicroG can break SafetyNet. Then of course there are the stingrays/IMSI catchers, but with GMS, they aren't even necessary. Google always knows where you're at your phone is connected to the internet, even if you disable the Find My Device feature, disable all Location sub-services, and Location Service itself... I don't think even AdGuard can fully block such services.

Edward Snowden stated that iPhones are harder to track compared to Android phones. Is that because of Apple hardware or Apple doesn't run location tracking services in the background? I figured that AdGuard developers would know the answer to that question. It just appears that for privacy-oriented folks, iPhone makes more sense