Does AdGuard for Mac work on Ventura?


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Would be possible to continue that via email? That would be convenient to continue finding a solution for your cases. Please set log level to debug, reproduce the issue and send logs via email: Don't forget to leave a ticket ID here.


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Hi. First, I'd like to point out that testing on Virtual machine isn't quite trustworthy, but don't mind that. We expect that users send us debug logs in cases like that, as we weren't able to find any issues on Venture. A few support agents are running Ventura using Network Extension module with no issues. So that's why we're looking for anyone with the issue to examine the case with an issue on Ventura.
Upgraded my MBP 2021 this evening to Ventura, everything works well ;)


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AdGuard is just horrible on my M1 MacBook with Ventura 13.0.1

Safari is super slow, each search on google takes several seconds, gifs are not loading and almost every website is just super slow (loading in particular). For example: Loading youtube with AdGuard = 12 seconds; without AdGuard = 3 seconds.

Also Apple Music, App Store, everything is so slow.

WLAN Speedtest is the same with AdGuard on and off.

I changed nothing in the settings, I made a clean install (Ventura and AdGuard), deactivated some/all filters, private relay is off but Safari and other apps are working like in 1995...

Does anybody have a solution for this problem?

I now switched to Wipr a few days ago, everything is running smoothly and fast but unfortunately it does not block all ads etc.

But in comparison, AdGuard is almost unusable under Ventura.