Does Auto-Update over Wi-Fi Only Ever Work? No?


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I have this on in AdGuard Pro. I leave AdGuard Pro open in the background (not that it matters if it's in the foreground, either). And I have Background App Refresh on and on for this app in particular.

No matter what, my Safari Content Blocking Filters absolutely never automatically update.

I always have to manually do it with Check for Updates.

Does anyone have any insight into this?


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What do you mean exactly "never automatically update"?
Hey. Thanks for reaching out.

So, unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose of the setting, I took "Auto-Update over Wi-Fi Only" to mean the app would update my Safari filters on its own in the background without my having to press the Check for Updates button.

The description for "Auto-Update over Wi-Fi only" states that "AdGuard will only use Wi-Fi for background filter updates."

Filters are, obviously, things like English, Social media, Annoyances filters, et cetera.

In order to get them to update, I have to press Check for Updates under Safari Content Blocking. I was hoping the Auto-Update setting would handle this aspect on its own. But that never happens.