Does free (with ads) cost us more than paying for services?


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I was just thinking about this.
It doesn't belong in the forums about Adguard itself but it's related to it.

Are we paying more in the long term if we are using free services such as Instagram, Facebook,... instead of paid supbscriptions?


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Yes, with your life. That is a literal statement as Facebook, Twitter, etc. not only require you to consent to extreme personal data mining which is used for profit by selling it to third parties; they also psychologically profile you over time and maintain this profile which is used for: precise targeted goods advertising. targeted political advertising in order to steer your voting in elections at all levels in ways that are good for them as corporations and not good for you personally, to steer your life choices in order to maintain a status quo in one's society instead of freeing your mind for critical thinking to make your own life choices. The list continues as most well know. However paid services aren't necessarily better in that many paid services are simply making you pay twice: once with your money and again with all of the above. A good example is paying for cable television service. There are free alternatives to Facebook such as confederated social networks. Mastodon is one example to explore.