Does the Adguard Pro iOS app block ads system wide?


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I've been using Adguard android app for years and absolutely love it! I've recently switched to iOS and I'm aware of the restrictions by Apple w.r.t content blocking/filtering.

I've read the blog post What the difference between AdGuard for iOS and AdGuard for iOS Pro?. This post is from 2019 and says that Pro app is approved by Apple and blocks ads system wide.

But the product description page in App Store for the pro app nowhere mentions that it blocks ads system wide.

So, does the Adguard Pro iOS app block ads system wide?


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System wide isn’t really a term that means anything specific. What it does provide is the ability to filter DNS and Safari in the most basic terms.

it will not block cosmetic content in third party browsers or apps unless being able to be filtered by DNS.