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Website is already marked as malicious, but it's only a subdomain and not the entire site. It should be updated to match * --> "Malware" --> "Safe"

The owner of the website themselves acknowledge this, and it usually takes a government request for any content to be deleted from their CDN. Their "Transparency report" which can be read here shows how they only take down offending content relating to child abuse, and only when contacted by law enforcement. They do not accept people to contact them to remove pastes, and they make it near impossible to contact them, they say this on their ToS page: "Law enforcement ONLY: (Any emails not from lawyers, police or government will be ignored) ". A normal website would not make it this hard to report child abuse content on their platform.

They also make people pay for "blacklists" on their website, they will not remove your information unless you pay them. This is quite literally extortion, as the owner of the website will commonly harass people with the information in the pastes until they pay up.

They don't make an attempt at hiding this either, as you can see in their ToS ( ), they say this:
"Can I pay for a blacklist?
Yes, message @doxer on Telegram for blacklist requests"

And since they only accept abuse reports from law enforcement // lawyers, content is never taken down from their CDN // website, making it a safe haven for people who want to distribute malware payloads.

Website is already blacklisted by MalwareBytes, IBM XForce Exchange, Quad9, and many more websites for their previous actions of not caring about malware being distributed by their website. Hoping AdGuard does the same to protect users.


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I believe you're mistaken,
All requests to their Telegram, XMPP and Keybase all get replied to and handled correctly. If the paste breaks their TOS, it gets removed.
ALL requests for ANYTHING breaking TOS (CP, death threats, children, etc) are removed WHEN REPORTED.
That specific email is for law enforcement only. What don't you understand about that?
Blacklist is not a "paid removal" thing. It's a precaution for those who aren't already uploaded onto the site.

Doxbin is also not a file hosting website, nor does it host/facilitate malware payloads; no idea where you got that except from fake virustotal comments.

Can't believe I needed to dumb that down.