ebay uk request


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Hello all Im new and have a request.
But first let me just say thanks to the guys and girls who made the best ad blocker ever.

I no nothing about creating rules despite reading. My brain just doesnt get it. But I do ebay a lot.

Unfortunately as good as adguard is, it just will not filter a couple of pop ups that are doing my head in.
I have already tried adding all sorts of filters. Can someone please help.

I can put up with a lot but one in particular only appears on mobile.
Im using samsung browser (have tried firefox) on android and the site is ebay.uk.
The pop up is at the bottom of every page of every item when 1st clicked. Its even on the home page.
Its a txt box that says get the app.

pics attached



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It is, with every option ticked except the adblock warning removal list ??

To go a step farther, would it be possible to select elements to block (in mobile ver) as in the windows / pc version?