Edge is so slow


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I'm using Adguard since more than one year.
Since few weeks, I have slow issues on Edge (because I use this browser, but the problem is on every browser).

My config :
- Win 10 Insider Preview (build 14936.rs_prerelease.16.0923.1700).
- i5 4570; SSD MX300, clean PC
- Fiber@ DL 930Mbit/s - UP 240Mbit/s
- Adguard

When Adguard is ON, everything is slow, specially on social websites (ie : Facebook. I have to wait 1/2/3s to open t'chat tab, video/gif...etc). It is slow everywhere...

Here some screenshots if you can help me :

(when I run a Speedtest, Adguard is dealing with lot of information and I'm not sure it can handle that. Few months ago, it was OK).

Speedtest with Adguard ON :

Speedtest with Adguard OFF :

I tried to uninstall Adguard client, with ou without saving "profil" (so, i have reseted all my settings, no filters at this time), and no improvment...

Thank you for your support.


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Hello vasily_bagirov :)

I haven't installed anything recently (as far as I can remember).
For the record, I don't think it's related, but i've installed the last Win10 preview update this morning (fast ring), and everything is broken now.
Same problem here : https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/adguard-blocking-all-websites-on-latest-windows-10-insider-fast-ring-release.14637/
and here : https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/weird-headers-on-websites-with-adguard-picture-enclosed.14363/

I've tried to uninstall/install again, no improvment.
So, for now, I think the latest issue is more important than my slowing issues. I've uninstalled Adguard, I will keep an eye on those topics.
Keep up the good work guys ! :)