Edge with Chromium & AG filtering (Edge Insider)


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So Microsoft have now publicly released Dev (weekly) and Canary (Nightly) channels of Edge running on Chromium.


I'm getting very mixed results with AG for Windows filtering. Even after explicitly adding Adge Dev in the filtered apps I'm finding it very hit and miss.

I know Edge Dev is not released so not expecting a perfect experience. I just wanted to ask the conversation and get the conversation going on AG support of Edge on Chromium.

Boo Berry

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It's working pretty good in AG for Windows 7.0 nightly, which has also added the new msedge.exe to the filtered apps list.


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It does not seem to work at all for me :-(

I added pretty much EVERYTHING that has EDGE in its App name, but still basically all ads are comming through. I then installed the AdGuard Chrome Extension in Edge - which works but the Extension does not recognize that I do have AdGuard Premium as a Windows App installed so it does not offer the same options as in Google Chrome (for example leave site unblocked for 30 Seconds which I use a lot)