Email by EasilyDo


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From last few weeks Email by EasilyDo is crashing when Adguard Pro VPN is on, if i switch off VPN app opens fine.

Current workaround is i turn off VPN and then open app to check email.

Using iPhone 7 plus. iOS 10.2



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@Sach Which VPN are you using? This app works fine on my device.
Hi , Using Adguard Pro on iOS, it doesn't crash all the time but most times, i don't know what happened but i haven't had crash since yesterday, Easilydo is also investigating the issue and have crash logs.

I have noticed that once i get crash and turn off VPN and start again then it works fine for some time and start crashing again.


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Strange. Could you, please, upload crash log and Adguard log with time of crash?