enhance the user tagging ad experience.


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There is a need to enhance the user tagging ad-free experience.

Background: Adguard is a powerful ad-free app. There are many filters with it, which are also very practical. In addition, you can also subscribe to the rules written by others, which can block more than 90% of advertisements. Occasionally, there are some fish that leak the net. You can also use the tag removal function to use the css selector to self-block the content that you don't want to display on the webpage (actually, this is not just an advertisement). This is great! Now I have some ideas about this tag-free function for the development team's reference.

Problem description:

When users use the tagging ad-free function, they need to take several steps:

1. Click the share button on the Safari page;

2. Click AdGuard;

3. Click to block the elements on this page;

4. Click to start;

5. Select the elements that need to be shielded and adjust the range size;

6. Click the right sign;

7. In the "Open in AdGuard" dialog box, click Open (otherwise, all the work before the meeting will be wasted);

8. Jump from Safari to the AdGuard app, adjust the rules, click OK, and then create a user rule. Stay inside the app later and need to manually return to Safari.

That is to say, every user rule is created through steps 1-8 above. The whole process is too cumbersome, the efficiency of rule creation is relatively low, and the experience of using multiple rules is more fragmented.

Suggestions for improvement:

1. Cancel step 4 and start selecting elements directly after step 3;

2. When selecting elements and adjusting the size of the element area, it is recommended to display a preview of the dom attribute at the top so that the css selector can be rewritten later;

3. At the end of step 6, ask the customer if they want to select more elements. If they select "yes", re-execute step 5. If "No", jump to the app to complete the final css adjustment. It is recommended to merge the results of each operation to generate a css rule (regardless of how many elements are selected);

4. After completing the rule creation, automatically jump back to the Safari page to continue browsing the page (after all, de-advertising is also for better browsing of web content, which is the most important).

The above is my personal suggestion. I look forward to seeing the changes in the next version. Thank you!

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