err_name_not_resolved error message when using mobile phone network

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AdGuard works pretty well when I use it at home with my WiFi network, however, when I go out and use the mobile phone network, I have to disable AdGuard because the DNS doesn't seem to work anymore (even when looking up web sites like Google). The web browser returns an err_name_not_resolved error message. If I disable AdGuard, and refresh the page, it loads instantly. If I enable AdGuard again and refresh the page one more time, it returns that error message again. As soon as I'm back home and my phone picks up the WiFi network again, I can browse the web normally, even with AdGuard enabled. Could you help me, please?
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Hello! Sorry for taking so long to react to your message.

Have you tried switching DNS servers to different ones?

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Hi there! Yes, I found a solution : I went to AdGuard Parameters > DNS Filtering > Select DNS server, and I changed from System DNS to AdGuard DNS. I reloaded the page and the browser was able to display it instantly
Hope this helps other users
Thank you!