EV certificates https filtering in integration mode


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When using the FF add-on in "integration mode" and EV certificates https filtering is set to disabled in the main AG app (checkbox is marked), the add-on "kicks in" and filters the site.

Not sure if this is a bug

Win 7 x64
FF 51.0.1 x86
Add-on 2.5.11


Happens on https://rufus.akeo.ie/ for example.
Haven't noticed other sites, only noticed by "accident" the site above.

OK, it appears that the ads on that site probably come from another site (Google?) and are filtered by the app. So basically, if there is a bug, it is that the add-on doesn't recognize the app is running.
Iv'e also noticed this on banking sites
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Boo Berry

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Yeah, it's as intended (which I wouldn't call an oversight, just how it works it seems). This is one of the reasons why I'd like to see integration mode get spun off the Adguard Adblocker browser extension into an extension of it's own (meaning it can't filter sites, only purpose is integration mode). Maybe I should start a new request for this?


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This is intended indeed, at least with the current integration approach.

Anyway, we'd like to change it in the future versions and make add-on not that "independent" as it is now.