Exclude app from Adguard

Boo Berry

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Either make sure the app is unchecked in AG's Settings > Network > List of filtered applications or you can add the full path of the application in AG's Settings > General Settings > Advanced Settings > Exclude path from filtering by entering the full path.


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Thanks for this. I've tried the first method and I hope that it's gonna work.

I'm a customer somewhere and they offer discount by buying from different websites. They are using tracking and cookies to do this so I've excluded Edge for this purpose, hoping that the transactions will be registered. Which means that Edge will be the browser dedicated to this purpose. Unless user here know a better browser that I can use?

Chrome is my default browser, I used Firefox from time to time but Edge seems to be leftover and thus ideal to be dedicated to this job.

I'll write a new topic unless this can be easily answered. But I reply here since I need to find out a way to make this registrations to happen.