Exclusions in Adguard VPN doesn't work when Adguard Desktop is turned on


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For nearly a month I have an issue with Adgaurd VPN browser extension and Adguard Desktop. I have some websites on VPN exclusions list and they won't load. In a browser it looks like it can't load scripts from local.adguard.org (no error, just waiting for a connection). It starts working whether I turn off Adguard Desktop or Adguard VPN or just remove the site from exclusions list.

I've tested it on two configurations and on both it wasn't working:
- Windows 10, Firefox, Adguard Desktop, Adguard VPN extension
- macOS 11, Firefox, Adguard Desktop, Adguard VPN extension.

I've already contacted support, but got no reply for a long time, so I decided to write here. Does anybody know what can cause this problem and how to fix that?