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First of all, great job with the product :) I am coming from Admuncher as it seems that, sadly the cow is dead now.

So my question is regarding exclusions. How do I add exclusions for certain sites or IP addresses using wildcard characters? For example, I want to exclude ALL IP's that start with 192.168. X .X

How do I do it with wildcard usage such as "192.168. * .*"

Also, I want to exclude a site Xcontent.acme.com/X but not acme.com itself. can I add a filter "*content.acme.com/*" ?

Thank you for reading :)

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Greetings and welcome to the forums! Do these work for you?


You could try adding *s before content and after .com for the second rule, but it should work fine without them. Try experimenting with them until they're to your liking. Also you might be interested in reading this topic for more information on Adguard's rules and how to create them: http://adguard.com/en/filterrules.html
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Boo Berry,

thank you for the help :)I had created similar filters as you listed and from the filter help page you provided but it seems that they are not working. I have https option enabled and what I am trying to do is access a website which uses a self signed certificate. When I have Ad guard disabled, IE gives me warning that certificate is invalid but I still have an option to continue. However, with Ad guard enabled and exclusion added I do not get the option to continue with the web page. The only option I get is "close". I am attaching screenshots so you can see. Thanks again :)

Ad Guard Disabled:

Ad Guard Enabled:



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Two issues in one:)

1. You cannot disable https filtration per domain. We will fix it in one of future releases.

2. Very strange internet explorer behavior. Adguard does not filter https if certificate is not valid. In that case we just bypass the traffic.

So there should not be any difference but it is.