Extensions above version 2.7.3 not working


Beta Tester
Unfortunately it seems that versions above version 2.7.3 are not working in my Firefox browser.
Win7 x64, Firefox 61.0.2
I have tried installing it in private mode with no luck.
You can also see that settings page is practically blank in new versions.


Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
It looks like you don't have any filter lists (under Ad blocker) added, hence why nothing is being filtered.


Staff member
@Dashke so far we are not able to reproduce this issue. Filters are the same in both versions? What is in filtering log?


Beta Tester
After checking, seems that the extensions is not even able to display some of it's elements, nothing happens when I try to click on buttons/elements("Check for filter updates" and "All filters" for example) that are still shown.

2018-08-24_20-03-01.png 2018-08-24_20-03-50.png
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