[-] False positive for qrcodes.pro one of the most secure QR Codes platform


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Hello there, I am Atul Khiste, Product manager at Beaconstac writing about a serious concern about our domain qrcodes.pro is being marked as a malware.

Please note that thousands of enterprise customers rely on us for our service.
We service over 20000 customers who rely heavily on our service. This has a huge impact not only on our business but also on millions of users scanning our secure QR codes and businesses who own those QR codes.

We are a SOC2 compliant provider of QR codes known by the name Beaconstac.com . We already have our own security infrastructure which continuously removes malicious URLs from our system.

If you have identified any websites using our domain for phishing, please share with us so that we can take necessary action.

Please contact us at support@beaconstac.com

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