Feedback/Suggestion V6 Beta Functionality


Beta Tester
Hi guys,

First, thank you for all your hard work and bringing version 6 to the beta stage. It's a very cool, very modern and very slick looking interface. I do have a suggestion that might be helpful for some of the less technically inclined or savvy users.

Currently, there are a myriad of new functions added to the program, which is awesome. My main piece of feedback centers on the [?] explanations of things. In many of instances the explanation is very non-specific. It might be helpful for these to be explained or have tacked on a link to a broader explanation of what that function is doing, why you'd want it or why you might not want it. This is very relevant to the explanations that are blanket "tech speak" which to the average user won't mean very much.

Just a suggestion, maybe link it out to a short article on why or why you'd not want something. I would be willing to help write these pieces but I would need assistance in explanations from a technical standpoint so I could translate it into a plain speak explanation. I know this would add work to the project but it would be a great step in transparency to the user as they can understand why or what something is actually doing.

Just a suggestion and an offer to assist.

Thank you as always for all that you and the team do.


P.S. Thanks for including the blocking of the WebRTC stuff.


Staff member

Thank you for your feedback!

My two cents (not necessarily company's point of view, just my speculations): I presume you were mostly keeping in mind explanations in such sections as 'Settings', 'Stealth Mode' etc. The idea is, those who don't fully understand what this or that option means, can just use default settings and 99% of the time they will be satisfied with the result. Only those users, who know what they are doing, would want to 'play' with these settings.

That said, having something like a link to a more broad explanation is a good idea, that will probably come true one day or another. It is just not time yet.