Filter/Extension Update Downloads


Beta Tester

I just noticed that whenever I update the filters and/or extensions, that the filters and extensions that I do not use are also downloaded. This is not really an issue but it may present a way to save bandwidth for both Adguard and its users. I have no idea as to the size of the different filter and extension updates nor the size of AdGuard's user base but if Adguard checked your filters and extensions and only downloaded the ones that are actually used, it could potentially save Adguard a good bit of bandwidth. Of course I have no way to tell here on my end how much bandwidth could be saved nor the cost associated with such saved bandwidth, but I thought I would just toss this out here for your perusal...


Staff member
Adguard does not download all filters when you check for updates.

First it sends a request checking if there're any updates available.
Also update period depends on filter status. If it's disabled - we check updates once a week.
If enabled period is 6 hours. Also all communication with our servers is compressed.

Talking about extensions updates -- all you've said is true.
I think you are right and we should check updates for enabled extensions only.