Filter Rules Count and Optimized Filter Lists Option


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I would like to see 2 new features added into the Adguard for macOS app.

The first is I would like to see the number of Filter Rules in each Filter List available to be subscribed to and I would also like to see the Sum Total of ALL the Filter Lists I have subscribed to.

In the Adguard Browser Extension there is an option to subscribe to the Optimized Filter Lists, however this is NOT available in the Adguard mac app, I would like to have the option of using the Optimized Filter Lists to reduce the overall number of Filter Rules.

These two options are needed because if you subscribe to many Filter Lists the sheer number of Filtering Rules can adversely impact the performance of your adblocker and effectively slow down your browser.

I believe that a caution should also be given when the number of Filter Lists and Filter Rules has reached a size where the performance of your browser and adblocker would be adversely affected by the sheer number of rules.

These two options would be quite easy to introduce to the Adguard app for macOS.
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