Filter "Useful Ads" seems to not be working on my iPad air 2


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I am using Adguard very successfully for the most part on my iPad Air 2. However, the only issue seems to be that the filter for useful ads filter doesn't seem to fully work. Whenever I search through google ads will show up but if I actually click on the link it will take me to a page cannot be displayed. Is there any diagnostic data I can pass along or any steps you recommend I try? I have done the standard restart the ipad, enable/disable the plugin, enable/disable the filter, made sure the updates were up to date etc. It just seems that one filter doesn't fully work right.

Please advise on what I can do or send you and thank you.



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Hi and sorry for the delay!

I was able to reproduce that and filed a bug on github:

We'll fix it soon.
Thanks Avatar, it is driving me nuts :)

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Hi Alex,

I am using:

English Filter
Spyware Filter
Social Media Filter
Filter For Useful Ads
Mobile Ads
Safari Ads
Easy List
Easy Privacy
Fanboys Annoyances
Fanboys Enhanced Tracking List

I hope that helps.


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I left feedback on the Github ticket. First, maybe my report wasn't clear, the fact that any "useful ads" are showing up at all in search results represents a failure in the program to do its job. It is not unreasonable to expect the functionality of the application filters that are used on the desktop to behave in the same way they do on iOS. There should be NO "Useful Ads" appearing in my search results at all. It doesn't matter that they lead to a 404, the ads shouldn't be there. The fact they are there represents a failure of the filter to do its job in the same way as the desktop client. I would assume the filtering rules are recycled and used on the iOS app, then it should be behaving the same way as the desktop client. There should be no "useful ads" polluting search results, simple.

Is this a bug in the iOS application applying and implementing filters properly, thus a bug? Or is this just the way it is going to be, and function fundamentally differently from the desktop app in how it handles ads? Because as far as I am concerned at the moment this behavior is indicative of a bug.

The githhub ticket has been closed but I am pretty sure that the point of my post was missed, so I wanted to clarify. Also, I read the notes on Github... shouldn't one of you guys have an iOS device to test the issue. It is very premature and somewhat insulting to have a ticket closed when it isn't tested on a real iOS device and just the mobile agent through MacOS.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,


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So it turns out this was my fault. I want to apologize and I want to desperately provide a piece of feedback. In the filter list, it is designed to turn "on" a filter list which will block those ads.

This makes sense until you get to Filter Useful Ads, this one is absolutely counter intuitive to the entire interface. Reading it and understanding that list, it is immediately thought that turning on that list will do what it says "Filter Useful Ads" but it turns out it does the opposite. Can I desperately propose changing the name of this one setting to enable or show useful ads, so it makes more sense. It is completely backward logic in how it's used or structured right now and if you changed the wording a bit it would make it a lot clearer.

Thank you for your assistance and patience.

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