Filtering on some apps doesn't seem to be implemented


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I have many ads that are coming through on my several apps. For instance on TuneIn, NoX player (android emulator), TOR browsers. The settings for TOR integration and per application are missing (They are on my android version so I imagine it is not in place on the windows program).

Boo Berry

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Unless I'm mistaken and if I recall correctly, Tor Browser can't be filtered. I'm sure @Chinaski can correct me if I'm wrong. :)


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Hello there!

The thing is, the encryption in the Tor browser is extremely high. Therefore, it is not possible to filter HTTPS traffic.
Accordingly, we do not filter it by default. And if you enable filtering, nothing will change much.

But the emulator you should try to add to the list of filtered apps (Network > Filtered apps).