Filters not getting updated to latest version


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Today I removed adguard. Installed adguard. Opened up adguard. Did select filters. Clicked on update, no updates found. Killed adguard, opened up adguard, no updates found. Rebooted phone, opened adguard, no updates found.

When going to pages, which alex302 last weeks has blocked by my request, are not blocked.

That contains the English filter, Dutch filter. Annoyance filter is updated properly.

So my question is, why is it not fetching ALL the filterlists properly?


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This is really a bug. You should fix this. I don't know if this is an iOS bug or a filter bug?

Right now Adguard updated the English and Annoyance filter. All those pages are working correct. But there is no update pushed for the Dutch filter, it's still an old version of the list on the iOS device.

For example: User is installing Adguard app on iOS, he goes to a page, that was blocked a week ago. Ads are not being blocked. Weird? (it does show all filters are up to date if you open the adguard app). After an update is pushed of the lists, after you installed the app, it downloads them and all working ok.

Why does it not fetch the list and work immediately when we install the iOS app?
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It would be better if you give me the real example of an ad which was blocked by Alex, but is currently not blocked.

It could be server-side cache issue or maybe the ads have changed (i mean the way how the ads are served).