Filters Rules Reached Maximum Size



What I was expected just happened. I reached the maximum of rules authorised by iOS with only the filters recommend by Adguard.

So what know? Deleting the actual filters to make some room?
What about next month, and the month after?
Before the end of next year we will reach maximum rules with only one filter.

What is the solution recommended by Adguard? Because in a near future I won't see anymore the use of Adguard, which don't get me wrong I do really like.


Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Removing excess filter lists and using the simplified domains filter are the only options until Apple increases the Safari content blocking limit.


Unfortunately there is excess filters if you check my signature I have the minimum.

Also, I remember I tried in the past the Simplified Filter. It is so simplified that it does not do much :(

However I found another solution that it works even within the apps. But you will not like it. I am using PerfectPrivacy VPN and activated the TrackStop option. It blocks all ads, phising, porn... And even the ads with iOS applications.