Firefox 57 Beta and adguard assistant


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Adguard assistant does not show up using the latest Firefox beta. I added the browser extension when I noticed it wouldn't appear, and that will work in integration mode so I can use that, but I didnt want to have that installed.

Anything I should try to get it to work?

Using Adguard Beta 6.2.390.2018

Edit: Well after trying a few things before posting with no luck I left my laptop after this post and did nothing for a while, came back, went to a new page and it has spontaneously started working . . . I have no idea what the issue was. I will look out to see if it happens again.
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Boo Berry

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Don't you just love how things fix themselves?

It does work with Firefox 57 beta (I'm using it right now) but if it's not appearing on sites, you might want to try clearing Firefox's cache and see if it'll come back. And if it still doesn't appear open the console (press F12) and look for any errors.