Firefox 92 + Adguard renders Google not useable


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MacOs: 12.0 Beta (21A5506j)
Firefox: V92.0

For some reason, all google services are not useable anymore.
  1. Maps won't show anything
    1. Works once you add exception for
  2. Google Search goes down to 550px width
    1. Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 10.52.27.png
    2. Works once you add exception for
  3. Google Photos shows a slim line of the pics, but not the full thumbnails
    1. Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 10.50.59.png
    2. Works, once you add the exception for:
    3. 1632214462860.png
Screen recording file can't be posted; but I have it.

Any suggestions aside from disabling Adguard for Google entirely?

Thank you.


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Hi! By default, Google is not blocked through AdGuard like this, it looks like there's a strict third-party filter or some custom rule that blocks Google totally. As a first step please AdGuard filtering log once you encounter the issue, there you will see blocking rules if there are some.


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Hey Naylya,

Wish I could. Adguard just crashed and now I cant reproduce the error for some reason.
Sorry - this seems to be solved.