Firefox Portable


Beta Tester
I am having issues with FF portable. I get the warning for websites no matter where I go.
I turned off browser security but that did not help. I cannot even get all the icons at google mail to appear.
I have the FF port folder in C program files 86.
Is there a secret to getting adguard to play nice :)?

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Try checking the following...

a) If the portable Firefox executable uses a different name other than firefox.exe, you'll need to add it to Adguard's browser section.

b) For filtering HTTPS sites, you'll probably have to import Adguard's certificate manually into portable Firefox. You can do this by doing the following...

1) In Windows, make sure you (temporary) allow showing hidden files. Google how to on your version of Windows.

2) In Firefox, go to its Options and go to the Advanced section on the top. From there click the Certificates tab and click the View Certificates... button.

3) From there click on the Import... button and navigate to the following path (change the drive letter where acceptable, by default it's C:\) C:\ProgramData\Adguard\NetworkTemp\SSL

4) Double click on the Adguard CA file to import it, when the dialog appears check the three boxes and hit OK.

5) Restart portable Firefox and see if it works.