[Fixed] might be a scriptlet issue not sure


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ok so i added some ublock origin filter to adguard cause i read they use the same syntax even the extra scriptlet stuff

I have noticed that with ublock origin ON and adguard OFF it works fine..
but with adguard ON (with added ublock filters) and ublock origin OFF it breaks the comment section in youtube it just loads forever
maybe some error in the adguard json-prune?
cause i found this was the specefic line in ublock origin that didnt work well with adguard
youtube.com,youtube-nocookie.com##+js(json-prune, [].playerResponse.adPlacements [].playerResponse.playerAds playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.playerAds adPlacements playerAds)
edit : i never ran both at blockers at same time.. and some filter lists in both of them also realised i posted this in a really wrong category
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do you use AdGuard Browser extension? could you please specify it's version and the browser?

is the issue reproducing in incognito mode?


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AdGuard for Windows: 7.5.2 + Browser Assistant for Chrome and Firefox
Firefox: 82.0.1 (64-bit)
Google Chrome: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Filters updated today at 10:00 CET and retested after

Tried with incognito mode twice with AdGuard on and off. The issue is there still if AdGuard is still ON and if AdGuard OFF the issue goes away

I also tried disabling all filters except that specific one rule mentioned above and it still break YouTube comment section

So i have no idea why this filter causes comments to break on youtube in AdGuard but not in Unlock Origin if they use the same Syntax (the blockers have never been used at same time only for testing purposes separately)
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its fixed in AdGuard 7.6 nightly 1 GJ.
Also i have to say this software is quite amazing!

ill keep an eye out for more bugs in the nightly