[Fixed] Using Windows 10 Insider Preview builds? Read this!

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Boo Berry

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UPDATE: The issue was fixed in the latest Insider builds. Please make sure you're using them!

Adguard for Windows uses two network drivers by default, WFP and TDI. By default on Windows 8.1 (I believe - it could be Windows 7 and above) and Windows 10 systems, the WFP driver is used. WFP is also used by antivirus applications (even Microsoft's Windows Defender uses it), some download managers, etc. The WFP driver is what allows Adguard for Windows to filter Microsoft Edge and all other Modern apps whereas the TDI driver cannot.

In the latest Insider builds of Windows 10, WFP has been broken completely. The symptoms of this are ad blocking not working at all with nothing seemingly being blocked. This is also apparently by the fact that antivirus applications will not function correctly or at all in the latest Insider builds. This affects all Insider Preview builds right now, both in the fast and slow rings!

This is a Microsoft issue that they will have to fix, and I'm sure they will eventually. Antivirus apps and Microsoft's own apps rely on WFP to function correctly.

If you're using the latest Insider builds you have a couple options for a workaround right now;

1) Stop using Insider builds. At least until they fix WFP.

2) Uncheck Use WFP network driver in Adguard for Windows' Settings > General Settings. Keep in mind by doing this you will lose the ability to filter Microsoft Edge and all other Modern apps.

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