For which need is contacted every 30 minutes?


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when I check my DNS query log, I notice, that about every 30 minutes, my PC with AdGuard for Windows contact Except video encoding, no other (internet) program was running, so I check what is my PC contacting over night.
Why this is necessary and what is Adguard doing there? I mean, filterlist and program is completly localy stored, right?
My filter update check is set to 3 hours, so it can't be that.

Currently, I wounder even more, because when yesterday had the 522 downtime, the program was heavily delayed to start.
So for some reason, the GUI wait for respond of before it shows up. Why this is necessary?

Thank you!



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Thank you.
Yes and since version 7 it's also necessary for filterupdate.
But every 30 minutes for license check seems to me a little too much.


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Hmm...i dont think so becuse there are many modes and creaked versions of adguard
license check is meeded becuse of that


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There are actually several options.
Sometimes this is a license check, sometimes an application checks for filter updates.