This is actually fascinating to me how come you guys have such incompetent support or you just like to troll people or something

I had so many issues with full license for YEARS and half of them still not solved but OK I managed to find fixes for most issues myself or just live with them and even upgraded PC to latest 16/32 CPU to avoid slowdowns (while extension was perfectly capable of running ALL FILTERS enabled without more than 2 sec delay software takes like 5-30!!! seconds to load pages with half of that filters enabled on a still powerful i7 chip that is overclocked too)

But recently I have found another issue on site (avito.ru) where assistant would simply not launch no matter what and there is no way to turn it on

So knowing their beautiful support and how they 'work' I reinstalled app before writing to them (that's the first thing they ask you to do almost every time even if its not related at all) and REMOVED all my custom rules beforehand to make sure its not my fault
I simply cannot open adguard assistant anymore on that site in my configuration while it was fine for months if not YEARS (other sites are working mind you)
Once again everything was fine until recently and I think I even had such issue long time ago and already reported it and it was fixed apparently

So do you know what they said?
They asked me to reinstall it and check if custom filters are off and so I did but after that they simply went silent on me. They ignored it for few days so I wrote another message-reply and they said 'its not us its you', INSTALL BROWSER EXTENSION

So why the hell do we PAY for software license I wonder if we keep getting issues and such replies, if your problems/issues are treated like that (I never had them with extension btw) and if freaking assistant is NOT working on a step away from basically rootkit system-wide software?!

This is just RIDICULOUS

I paid to support the project and to have a stable working on the background system-wide 'extension' without need of such extension to be installed on every freaking browser I use including some apps

Once again why pay for a licence and software if you cannot solve the damn thing and if it appears that EXTENSION is working way better than a full-price paid software?!
And its not about the money at all
I am simply AMAZED by the way how customers and their issues are treated for basically years! What the hell is going on really!