Geforce Experience error with AdGuard enabled


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I have an issue with the latest version of Adguard 5.10.1186.6168.
If filtering is enabled, the NVidia Geforce Experience tool doesn't start and shows an error after some time, that you should check if your firewall is preventing local connections.

If I disable Adguard it's working fine again.


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These logs are not enough:(

Could you please collect one more log using special debug libs?


1. Stop Adguard service
2. Copy/paste debug libraries to Adguard folder (backup release libs):
3. Run Adguard service
4. Reproduce the issue
5. Reinstall Adguard or restore libs from backup

What I need after this:
ProtocolFilters.txt from Adguard folder
Timing (when exactly this issue was reproduced)


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I've encountered this same issue. It doesn't appear to be the Adguard program that is causing the conflict however. I have spent the better half of an evening trying to figure out why GeForce Experience (GFE is giving me grief (including many uninstalls and attempted work arounds), and i finally have figured out that it is the Adguard Service ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Adguard\AdguardSvc.exe") that is causing the issue.

If you stop the service, GFE loads up perfectly without any complaint, even if the Adguard application itself is still running (it will of course complain that it can't connect to the service). The minute you start the service again, GFE will no longer open, and instead gives an error.

I'm not certain what further logging information could be provided for this, but I really do hope this can be sorted out. I'll be updating Nvidia as well as to what is the cause so that they can be made aware of the conflict (there are a few other programs and AV apps that also cause this issue).

Any idea how we can resolve this or work around it? Hopefully this further information is useful to tracking down where and why the conflict is occurring.



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AdguardSvc is our process which actually filters traffic. So stopping it you disable Adguard's filtering.

Could you please collect log file for us using the instruction I've posted above?


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New beta for Windows is released (5.10.1198.6223), where compatibility problem with Adguard and GeForce Experience is fixed. You are welcome to test it.


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I'm sorry that I didn't have the time to collect the extended logs which you were asking for. I just had too much to do in the last few weeks...

Thank you for your work on this issue. :)
I updated to the latest version now which should have fixed the issue, but there is still something strange with GF Experience. Just have a look at the following screenshots:

Without Adguard:

With Adguard running:

Some of the games (which one of them is changing every time I restart GF Experience) get this triangular error marks and GF Experience says that it can't optimize them.
And sometimes, I still get an error message that GF Experience has encountered an error and needs to be closed.

I could collect the logs using the debug libs if that would help you?
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