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Ok - what is this thread for then, if you find something you want to share and it gets [you] (as in anyone human) from a point A to a point B has a seat, harness, etc... can be human occupied as to set in - on - of - etc... and being in a human beings element of it's on-board controling to it's speed factor that it reaches post it HERE. In general anything as I've tried to describe above and possibly more that's over looked.

Could be anything in general (as above):
As some examples, from downhill skis/skateboards to V-8 lawn tractors to water, air, and land travel mediums, (doesn't necessary need an engine) as long as it's fast and it's being piloted by a person (human being on board) and within their controlling of it - NO UNMANED-RADIO CONTROLED stuff
- OK !
If in a new frontier, as drones or likewise - and etc... that's human occupied and being human self controlled - why not...
Men/Women against Natures forces will always be cool, as natures speed and power - is awesome to try and harness...
Would be great if no injuries occurred to the pilot(s) in control or any bystanders, but if that's a result of the great speed and/or power in peoples craziness to this power set, so be it.
Please don't post mostly in whole only of/in tricks/stunts in skills as there needs to be a SPEED factor involved here as well, in whole or parts of it's contents that you've posting here. Speed is defined as faster than a human running.

Please don't try these !
Unless your ready to risk life or limbs and to great personal loss of time and money.

A bit on the speed of sound and going faster than that.
Why Is A Sonic Boom So Loud?

Lets see the SPEED people. . .

No Car Should Be THIS LOUD
Ultimate Low Flying Jets & Sonic BOOM
Best Motorcycle Fail & Win Compilation 2016
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Any one watched the video of the Kawasaki H2 clocking 400km/hr.
Which one specifically? I've watched a couple, but it would be better if you posted the one (vid link) for us to see.
400 kilometers per hour = 248.54 miles per hour, just think of a bug hit at that speed.
I was going one late summer year to a lake property we owned on my superglide Harley for a cooling dip, it was about an hour away and at 70 mph I had a juicy grasshopper hit my face on my upper lip and before I could wipe it away the 70mph wind had it forced up my nose. Not pleasant at all and it stung a little from initial impact, even rain on the face stings at 70 mph on a bike with open faced helmet, but you ride long enough it numbs out and you don't feel it. Worst thing was a wasp landing in my pocket and stung me in the city, I'd thought at first it was a cigarette someone had thrown out of their car window in front of me, and beating my pants pocket to put it out - later not seeing any burn to my pants and pulling my pocket inside out I seen the dead wasp.


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and what to do to avoid it, or a special outfit for a motor is enough? Of course, I skip the helmet with the window down