General Question about Auto Updates


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Since I'm fairly new here, just a general question about automatic updates, is there any set time or amount of time that they occur? I do see them occur but sometimes I see a period of time like 6 hrs since last update, thanks for any info....


Beta Tester
Updates are every 6hours from what i have read and no, there is no way to change the update frequency that i have seen.

avatar said:
Adguard does not download all filters when you check for updates.

First it sends a request checking if there're any updates available.
Also update period depends on filter status. If it's disabled - we check updates once a week.
If enabled period is 6 hours. Also all communication with our servers is compressed.

Talking about extensions updates -- all you've said is true.
I think you are right and we should check updates for enabled extensions only.