Gmail messages being blocked


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I am using Adguard for Firefox beta and with it enabled on Gmail, it blocks my messages. I have the following enabled:

Activate the most appropriate filters automatically
English filter
Spyware and tracking filter
Phishing and malware protection
Help us in Browsing security filters development

I can of course exclude but then my messages will have ads.
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Sorry i deleted my post after further investigation.

Can confirm i have this issue too and my fix isn't working so, handing it over to someone else, i believe the cause is
<div class="adn ads" style="display:">
i tried[class^="adn ads"] but it did nothing.


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Don't worry; I have done my own investigation too. I am able to reproduce the problem using Firefox ESR (24.5.0) but not the current stable (v29.0.1). I don't know why this is so though.