Good Words about AdGuard found on the WEB


In your web surfing, ever see Adguard mentioned in good talks with respect shown to it?

I'm starting this Thread if you'd like to share these nice words with all of us here.

A Link given would be nice, as well as the posters Name and Date and Post Number, so if
any members would like to checkout these posts they'd be able to easly find them and see.

Please show these nice words of your quoted facts with the sentences or paragraph saying
good things about Adguard.

[Whole Posts or the Entire Contexts need not be given in your Quote, because with your supplied LINK(S) and info. we'll be able to find and see for ourselves the rest of these posted conversations]

I won't say these are requirements, but, it does help to find the quotes you've mentioned:
1. Link to page
2. Name of poster
3. Date of post
4. Number of the Post (ID)


May 25, 2015
Post #27
AdGuard is indeed the better Ad Muncher. I will even take it a step further and say that AdGuard is the heir to Ad Muncher's throne. Features that Ad Muncher's author has been promising for years, but never delivering on are in AdGuard today and are working darn well.
AdGuard program development is quite active and it's very easy to access the beta versions to play with new features that are in the pipeline. I bought Ad Muncher waaaay back in the day at a bargain price for a lifetime license and even at its peak, the development cycle wasn't as active as AdGuard's has consistently been.
Jul 28, 2016
Post #38022
GorHill develops uBlockOrigin as a hobby for his own requirements, where as Adguard developers tend to listen more
to user questions/reqquests. Eg. When you look at uBlock and uMatrix they have different options for privacy protection,
GorHill never reacted to the suggestion to implement uMatrix features also in uBlock, while the developers of Adguard
welcomed suggestions for Stealth mode (extension they use to test Adguard improvements releated to privacy, but Stealth
mode features will be implemented in Adguard eventually).
Jul 29, 2016
Post #38025
I also keep Adguard because it does an awesome job in blocking ads (and it has some anti-malware filters).
so basically my baseline security is ReHIPS + VS + HMPA; i consider Adguard more like a comfort tool when browsing.
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Very unusual and flattering thread :)
It's just about the good facts all of us Adguard license holders and forum members already know...
It's nice to see that we were right and that another person thoughts confirm ours - ADGUARD is the BEST !

The unusual part "it's just me" - the way I approach things, see things, try to understand things, and relate
by either the means, in like - off the cuff - trail blazing - trend setting / I truly mean no harm in doing so.
I don't have a tattoo but, if I was to ever consider getting one it would be of the AG Assistant icon...
I know many people would know or relate to it. "As the Best " !

ADGUARD TEAM should be flattered - you all have changed the WEB for us, which is an everyday experience...

Thanks for being GREAT and making our WEB experiences GREAT as well !

Gass :D
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Adguard Review Nov. 16th (2015?)-no year given
By Charles Stevens - all the way at the bottom see-
My Personal experience

I always wondered what are the qualities required for a product to be a top class one. Adguard has all the qualities to become a wonderful product and the qualities I found apart from it being a stellar product is it’s backed with an outstanding support from the developer. The developer actually hears what the customers wants and have done all that he could do to implement those features. The latest example being the Memory management and the ability to add custom filter subscriptions. If you want to enjoy an ad free web experience that extends to all the popular browser I highly recommend Adguard for Windows.